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1939 Cincinnati Street Ry. Pullman-Standard PCC #1000 (Order W6580)

The Cincinnati Street Railway Co. placed an order in January of 1939 with Pullman-Standard (order W6580) for a sample PCC car along with similar orders for a St.Louis Car Co. PCC and a Brilliner. The Pullman PCC arrived in June 1939, being numbered 1000. It was finished in CSRy colors of orange and cream with a light grey roof. Pullman No.1000 along with Brilliner was tesed on each of twenty-six routes in July and later this year was used in regular service on the College Hill and Madisonville lines. In 1947 this car was renumbered 1127 to avoid a numbering conflict with trolley coach numbers and repainted in chrome yellow color with green stripes to match St.Louis Car Co. PCC's. The dash lights were also installed at this time. Pullman PCC No. 1127 as well as Brilliner No. 1128 remained in service on route 78 Lockland until the route was abandoned in April 1951 when it was sold for scrap.

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